Monday, November 1, 2010

Ah, l'art...
Of course I was in Paris to work, but I had a VIP access to the FIAC so Georges and I we took a quick pause from our day job, it was just across the street, and we rushed to see some contemporary beauties at Le Grand Palais... 
If you are familiar with Modern Art (if not, c'est pas grave...), you'll recognize myself in the first picture obviously, a Yayoi Kusama sculpture, a Xavier Veilhan piece representing Claude Parent (I am in love with Veilhan's work, that series of the architects sculptures especially), a big installation by Anish Kapoor which was fascinating and a neon piece by Tracy Emin

I love contemporary art and that amount of great work in the Grand Palais was so impressive. But I wanted to shoot some details, because these are the little details that are important in life. And details about works I love. 
Hope you'll like them.