Monday, July 5, 2010

I have been tagged by the sweet Mandy last week to share 7 things I love. Pretty happy to do so.
Here we go :

1.The Kusama installation I saw last friday. That's the picture of it up there. Such an out of time/space/world experience...
2. My new "disco marinière" (I'm wearing it on the picture but you cannot see it properly...)
3. Walk in the city at night and feel the small breeze
4. Doing l'apéro under a magnolia tree while listening to that
5. That coconut smell I'm crazy about in summer and hate in winter
6. My new nickname : Belba !
7. My niece Clémentine said that to me yesterday afternoon : "tu sais Tata, les garçons c'est nul."
And you know what ?? She is soooooo right !

Anyone who want to play along feel free to do so...