Friday, February 19, 2010

In late 2008, young photographer from Lithuania, Paul Paper, took a trip around Europe for a project he decided to call Photodiaries. Before he left home Paul spread news of his travels, looking for places and people who would host him on his way.
Fifty sofas, beds and mattresses in 41 cities and towns were offered and a route map was drawn up. In the end it took him eight weeks to visit 15 sites across the continent.

This project portrays Europe as of 2008 trough the eyes of the author: people he met and events that occurred on the trip. While very personal and intimate, it remains a universal glimpse into the joys, fears and loneliness of the solo long distance traveler.

Enjoy your week end ! I'm heading to the countryside. I do need some home cooked meals and simple moments right now. Bisous !