A gosthly Corbu

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last wednesday, I had a great walk to La Cité Radieuse figthing with the crazy wind we had but enjoying the bright sunshine... I was on a day off = heaven.
Diana Mini with me of course.
I took the entire roll while I was there and these 4 shots blowed my mind when I got them back from the lab.
The little blurr. (étonnant, tiens...)
The light and the pale colours.
They do have a kind of enigmatic look and they give a more peculiar touch to an already peculiar place.

Today, it' raining... How sad...
I'm unfortunately not on a day off. How sad (bis)...
Thanks for all your encouragement wishes about this week, but it is hell at work, I might become crazy soon...
( I know that you can't really see well the pictures, but I couldn't scan them and shooting the pictures was my only solution. Next time = best...)