Sunday, August 30, 2009

l'Aquatic , A beautiful series by Salva Lopez.
I already showed some work of Salva with this earlier.
I realized that right now I am quite touched by the pictures dealing with the idea of desolation. That could be the Spree Park in Berlin, Detroit by two french guys or Kevin Bauman's project.
Maybe because of the relationship I have with cities and the urban world.
A very good friend of mine told me two days ago that I am an "urban girl".
Weird idea since I grew up in the countryside and in a small town. But I love cities. Big ones. And I like to see how men can build and destruct places, the idea of time passing by, of people going in one place and then going away. There is always nostalgia in those pictures.
I guess this common point is the answer.
En tout cas merci mon homonyme, tu me comprends bien...