Monday, October 1, 2012

When Kristina did that portrait of me ( that I love and will cherish forever ) I was doing that first one above. In Teufelsberg, I realized probably an hour after we arrived that I had the Rollei in my bag. Because the place was insane, because I was looking eveyrwhere and already shooting with two cameras mais surtout because as we were going higher and higher my legs were shaking. I am afraid of heights. People can't say because they don't really see it but I can assure you that when we were on those last floors, without any security barrier, je ne faisais pas du tout la mariole. But I still managed to do those, with a very old camera in which you can't see anything, because my Rolleicord is so old that I can't see properly through it... So, everytime a roll works, it's like a little victory... 

PS : You can spot the Corbusier Haus ( la soeur de la Cité Radieuse ) and the Olympia Stadium on the last picture. 
PS 2 : Comme dirait ma mère, tu t'es fait ultraviolence sur ce coup là, pour aller tout là haut... Ultraviolence, New Order, ma mère, CQFD.