Happy feet

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Voilà !!! This is a collaboration between RTS and yours truly. ( & my shoes )
Ryan, mostly known as RTS, is part of the MORE & CO creative studio from Portland, Maine. Working with MAV & CDR, that is to say, a good bunch of good people ( with such good names ) working on such cool projects
We met in June, thanks to Brian Ferry, we clicked instantly and we said that we'll see each other again next time he will be here. This is the Parisian version of this so funny thing I love. 
The idea raised between some glasses of wine, while talking about shoes, feet & dancing. It was so fun to do, the people passing next to us were thinking "Gosh, what the hell is she doing ?". The funniest part ? Ryan was dancing behind the camera too. So sad you can't see it, he has pretty good moves !
Some behind the scenes shots are coming, Georgette is not as fast as Ryan's camera.