Friday, September 9, 2011

7 things I've been enjoying lately : 
1. September is my favourite month of the year, so happy to already be in it. 
2. Looking forward wearing jackets and socks again (I even plan on getting a new coat for winter), can seem silly to all of you, but we had some 40° this summer and it was very hard to handle the heat...
3. When autumn is not really far, I listen to this on repeat. 
4. This fish market session in Sicily by Mary. Those pictures have a 1950's spirit, don't you think ? 
5. Bref. The new french tv show everyone talks about, love how it is so sharp & true. 
6. Those marvellous pictures by Robert Rauschenberg and his Rolleiflex. 
7. Those posts from precious friends who came here as visitors, here, here & here