My dad's favorite covers

Monday, May 30, 2011

The guy in the pictures above is Benjamin Chasselon
A sweet & funny guy, a talented artist & a skate legend in Marseille. (Une légende oui, il a passé un 540 un jour, j'ai même vu la vidéo bref...) Benjamin studied at Les Beaux Arts, does marvellous paintings, worked on the beach theme (Les Baigneurs) & now the subject is SKATE. 
You see the little invite above ? 
Benjamin will be part of the PUBLIC DOMAINE exhibition at la Gaîté Lyrique in Paris with a fantastic project called "My dad's favorite covers", which is basically a tribute to the underground skateboard culture, reproducing big formats covers from various skateboard magazines. The painting which is on the invite is truly going to kill your eye.  
A preview of his work will be exposed at Colette on June 13th. 
Exhibition at La Gaieté will start on June 18th. 
Georgette will do you a report of the vernissage/opening ceremony !