Friday, November 12, 2010

I have been tagged by the sweet Nancy and Kristina to share 7 things I love. 
So, right now I am into : 

1. I'm wearing yellow. Mustard yellow. Works well with navy blue. 
2. My old yellow mustard bag. His name is Francis. That's the little name the designer gave him... Not me !
3. The smell of lemon poppy seed cake in the oven. I did one yesterday with this recipe. Une tuerie !
4. Wrist worms by Sandra Juto. I just got my third pair. One is mustard yellow. Wow, I am obsessed.
5. I have been listening a looot to this song
6. The new Cassius video. Have a look if you have not seen it already !
7. This picture above by Salva Lopez. Endless summer spirit... 

On top of the list I am not working today... !