Oh Boy !

Friday, June 25, 2010

If you are not familiar with Tim Robinson Jr and his fantastic blog,atmosphere, pictures, eyes and Gosh he can sketch too (!!), now you rush & click on the link. C'est un ordre, zou !

Tim has a passion for great food, eclectic spaces, and travelling.
He takes his camera where ever he goes. He finds the most simplistic things the most fascinating. He is shooting with a Digital Canon 50D. Taking photos has allowed him to discover moments that he would have otherwise passed right by.
Other than taking photos, he loves to cook, draw, eat outside, enjoy a dark beer with friends, and visit the beach.

Blogging seems to be much a feminine thing. But there are a few boys blogs that are worth it. Tim is in my top 3. I already mentioned the 2 others who are in my top 3 here (va falloir deviner...), so Tim was the last one to feature.

And I don't know why but his pictures are getting better and better...
All the shots are to die for ! It's beautiful, it's fresh, the post he did about his grandm was too sweet. And you know what ? I like sweet boys... Keep the good work Tim.
Please, just for me !

Have a great week end peeps, heading to a birthday party & the beach !