The Recipe

Monday, August 2, 2010

The recipe for a good friday evening is to :

. Escape from work early because you had enough stress for the week.
. Run to Le Corbusier to see the Bouroullec installation in L'appartement 50.
. Finish the tour at the bar à la 3ème rue to chat with Caroline, the best american friend ever. Because after she'll be across the Atlantic and me on the other side of Europe...
. Go to the best place for un apéro les pieds dans l'eau but realize that you are not the only one who had that great idea. Maybe because it's the Carhartt event ?
. Watch the sunset with a beer, some groovy sound and good friends and wish next friday will come soon !

So today it's hard forcément... Comme un lundi...

To have a fantastic start of the week, If you click here you'll be able to download that... a new JENS LEKMAN song ! He is back ! Alléluia !