La réalité comme un territoire étranger

Friday, October 23, 2009

Laurent Grasso was born 1972 MulhouseFrance.
Lives and works in ParisFrance.

Whether he is (re)working more or less identifiable forms of our control-oriented society, or subverting the cinematic techniques and conventions that shape our collective imagination, Grasso’s created environments combine atavistic fears, scientific evidence and ominous contemporary mythologies. His works are in ways reminiscent of the paranoid retro-futuristic prophecies of Charles Fourier two centuries ago. Light, sound, radio and electromagnetic waves, natural, paranormal and meteorological phenomena are regularly incorporated to create new sensory experiences.

Laurent Grasso is an internationally renowned multimedia artist, working mostly with video and installation. Born in France in 1972, Grasso studied at the Ensba (Paris), the Cooper Union School (New York), Central Saint Martins College (London), and Le Fresnoy (Toucoing). He currently lives and works in Paris and was an artist in residence at the Villa Medicis (Roma) andISCP (New York). His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and some recent shows include Neurocinema (Akbank Sanat, Istanbul), TimeDust (Galerie Chez Valentin, Paris), and Electric Palace (Studio 814, New York). Grasso is represented by Galerie Chez Valentin (Paris)…

He received Le Prix Marcel Duchamp in 2008. 

I'm trying to get away a little bit from the obsession in photography that I have here. I'm not usually into art video. But I have a few favourites... I'll try to show some more. 

But this one is working so well with me. How you can transform reality into something strange, peculiar, frightening and still beautiful. Perhaps it's with talent.