La madeleine de Proust

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The lovely Hiki from Tokyo tagged me in a way two days ago.
The rule is to list 7 things I love and pass the thing along to 7 other well desserving and creative bloggers...

7 things I love :

1. a cup of tea + une madeleine + a terrace + the sun
2. old fashion series by Richard Avedon
3. hear the cracking sound of a vinyl
4. take my niece to school
5. read the entire collection of Francoise Sagan and learn that some are not published yet
6. wrap christmas presents while listening to Antonio Carlos Jobim
7. be lost in Berlin

The 7 bloggers :

Hanna - Kiddet
Famapa - My funny eye

The picture is from the blog of Salva Lopez. Fantastic place for Inspiration & Beauty.