Everything I cannot see

Monday, November 5, 2012

There we are. There is a new Georgette in my life and I intend to keep her as long as possible. Weirdly I haven't been feeling things with the Pentax, the first two rolls were great and now on everything that came back was " mouais, c'est moche " even if around me people liked the Pentax shots, I am still sceptical because it's not " me ". I know, I needed an excuse ( toujours chercher des prétextes, histoire de ne pas s'avouer la vérité... ) to have a new body camera. My dad found me one and after two test rolls, it was, bien sûr, not working ( merci papa, t'es au top ). So, I took care of everything, a new old body camera & the lens from the former Georgette & hop. And yes, Georgette again because my artistic director ( Quentin, mon neveu ) said " you have to keep Georgette as a name for the camera, c'est trop cool. "