Friday, May 27, 2011

7 things I have been diggin' lately :

1. Bon Iver. I had the pleasure to listen to the new album and OH MY. I have no words to describe it. Brilliant ? Magnificient ? Splendid ? 
2. Allez, encore un peu de Gonzales. He made us whistle.
3. The sun. I usually never tan but this year, it is a truly miracle, it works. Freckles & tan on their way ! 
4. I just got this summer hat, une capeline, which belonged to my grand mother. Will wear it this summer for sure, I have to try a self portrait with it. 
5. Georgette. Everything I experienced worked well lately and we have some cools projects ahead. I love these two pictures above.
6. Pimm's. Apéros les pieds dans l'eau oblige. 
7. My new running shoes. My osteopath said I can run again, thanks to the best guy on earth I received a pair of Gyakusou shoes and well, my playlist is ready. If you see a girl running on the corniche with superb shoes, it's me !