Pti dej sur les toits

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring is here ! At your place too ?
We had a breakfast on the "trop magnifique" terrace of my friend Marion with Georges. With Marion we share the same first name, we have almost the same last name, we did the same studies, we were born almost the same day and we live almost in the same street. Life is full of funny coincidences. 
One thing sure, we have the same tiles at home, we love fresh orange juice and to blahblahblah like we did. We don't see each other enough though, ça va être pas easy ces prochains jours... Ahlalalala. 
PS : Georges picked up Pascale pour "la compil tradition dominicale". On se voit pour un apéro, je vais pas te l'envoyer eihn...