Window gazing

Monday, February 7, 2011

When you have no motivation to shoot anymore, just load some black and white Ilford FP4 Plus in Georges, put on your funky shoes and go for a walk, some coffee blah blah session with friends, some window shopping & snap what you see. I love black and white but I realized that it's more complex for me to shoot with b&w film, maybe I intellectualize it too much... Is it the same for you ?
I saw Somewhere yesterday evening... Cute Elle Fanning, the relationship between her and her dad is touching, I just want to play ping pong, order ice cream at night in a Milanese hotel room and listen to that all day long... 
Georges picked up the winner of the giveaway & it is Alexandria ! Youpi ! I need you postal address Dear ! And sorry for the others, Georges is the one to blame ! Ah !