What ?

Monday, January 31, 2011

Noemie Goudal, Les Amants (Filet), Colour Photograph, 90 x 111cm, 2009

Last monday, I have been asked what draws you to photography ? 
And from that day on, I have been thinking a lot about photography. I have been talking a lot about it too & it helped. My first response was gosh, I don't know
This photograph above by Noemie Goudal is all I look for in a photograph. A statement. 
It might be telling something or not. Making myself ask some questions about it or not. A picture is not there to answer your questions, a picture is there to have yourself asking questions about yourself. Why do you like it ? Why this, is attracting to your eye ? Why do you find it beautiful, when some people are going to tell you well, it's a chair. Why ?
Now that I read again the answer I wrote to that question above, I know I forgot many many stuff. But the good thing is that today I really can point out what draws me to photography.