Et un jour...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Life is tough, uneasy, violent and can make you sad.
I have been terribly sad these last days.
I still am. A part of me will always be.
But because this little place does me good, I am back. I might show you melancholic pictures, sweet things, stupid pictures of my feet, pink skies. Life can be tough but life can be beautiful. Because beauty is everywhere if you are ready to see it, because people can be good to you. 
I am lucky to have wonderful friends, to have been helped, listened a lot lately & I had plein de calins. I am lucky because you send me warm toughts, sweet mails and caring attention.
I don't know what 2011 will be made of, but it began with a rollercoaster and I hate rollercaosters. I just want something sweet, smooth, with love. Like this sky.

PS : You know what ? It snowed yesterday evening & night. Something that never happens in Marseille, I spent a couple of minutes looking at it falling, c'était beau...