Monday, December 20, 2010

7 things I've been enjoying lately :

1. That thing above, la gaufre de Liège. Perfect when you did your Christmas shopping in the cold and you need a nice goûter to warm you up
2. My new scarf that my sweet friend B. () did with her little own hands. It looks like this but it's much more chic. 
3. Wrapping Christmas presents while listening to a vinyl by Antonio Carlos Jobim
4. How good you feel when you just had your hair cut at your favourite hairdresser. 
5. Seeing my nephews becoming crazy because Santa is coming very soon. They ordered some pirates & princess things. 
6. My new sneakers. An early Christmas present to myself. 
7. Your comments about the porfolio. You are so sweet !
& 7 bis. Send Christmas surprise gifts to my dear friends...