Mama loves you*

Monday, November 15, 2010

Georges and I we did something we never do. It was also due to a kind of "concours de circonstances", but we ended your parisian work/week/stay at the Mama Shelter. Years I wanted to go... The Mama Shelter is like the trendy hotel where you can afford a room for not that much. Designed by Starck mostly. 
Anyway, I went once for a sweet birthday dinner and then I decided to go back. 
And Georges shooted some details of the room, he was happy to find his name on the carpet !!!

* Mama loves you is one of their cocktails... Vodka + peach juice + rosemary. It was to die for ! My buddy Yo had something with cognac & champagne. We were very very not drunk after that... 

PS : It's the birthday of a sweet girl today...