Le questionnaire de Marcel*

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why are you writing the blog in english ? 
It was kind of natural to do it in english even if french is my mother tongue. I studied english at college, so it was  a way to still have to write in english constantly. 

Pourquoi tu dénigres toujours tes photos alors que tu as juste un oeil sublime comme le prouve une nouvelle fois cette série?
Why are you always denigrating your pictures ?
It's not that I don't like my pictures, I won't be showing them here if it was the case. I am just not that used to have much positive feedback and not used to hear compliments. It's not that I don't like it ( I LOVE IT let's be honest ). I have to get used to it obviously. I have a very critic eye about my work. I've always been hard with what I do, everything. So I just need to work this thing out because I'm planning to take Georges out more & more !

Quelle est la première chose que tu fais le matin au réveil ?
What's the first thing you do when you woke up ?
If I'm working, it's putting the music louder and making myself a tea. These days it involves, The J.B's & earl grey with fresh lemon. If I'm not working, I usually go back to sleep... I'm lazy on sundays. Tradition dominicale oblige !

Quand est-ce que tu me fais goûter la Bionade ?
When am I going to taste Bionade ? (Elisabelle is asking the question...)
You are not going to like that but I had some last time in Paris !! So, either I come back to Paris soon, either we go together to Berlin. But Berlin these days can be quite chilled ! Or freezing... So, it might be Paris ! (Nice pic, right ?)

Quelle est ta prochaine destination de rêve ?
What's your next dream trip ?
I'd love to go to Buenos Aires. Recently I heard how great and sweet the air was. 
Or San Francisco,  Tokyo, India, Brazil, Namibia. When I was 6, I wanted to go to Ulan Bator in Mongolia because I loved the name, sooooo cool. 

T'es plutôt vin blanc ou vin rouge ? Sucré ou salé ?
White wine or red wine ? Something sweet or salty ?
White wine and chocolate cake. And a red wine and something typically french like paté & cornichons. Lately I had a lot of homemade chocolate cookies, lemon poppy seed cake, pumpkin risotto... I cook when I'm stressed and I've been cooking a lot these days. For the wine, my dad has a great cave, he loves wine and has friends who make a great wine in Bordeaux. I've been used to good things ever since I was born. I must admit that I drink more white than red wine... And I've been baptised with champagne. Si ça c'est pas la classe !

Qu'est-ce que tu préfères à Marseille ? Qu'aimes tu le moins à Marseille ?
What do you like most in Marseille? What do you like the less in Marseille ?
I have a complex relation with Marseille, I'm into a kind of je t'aime moi non plus relationship right now... I grew up in the countryside and Marseille was the big town I was afraid of when I was little. 
I love the fact that I am not far from the sea, still pretty exotic to me. My neighborhood is like a small village, when you go to the market you talk to everybody and it's pretty friendly. I love La Cité Radieuse, La Caravelle, les panisses, Sormiou, Sugiton, tout ça... 
But I don't like the way people behave, they are rude, hard, with very often not much respect for each other. I'm more and more agressed by the people there. And believe me in the morning it can be a very bad thing to start the day. 

Have you always lived in Marseille ?
No, I grew up in the countryside near Aix en Provence, where I was born. Aix and Marseille are towns that always have been in competition, even if they have nothing in common. Aix is like the chic/posh town of the south. I love it. Even if I go less and less. Which is quite a shame obviously. 

If you could live anywhere else, where would it be ?
Paris, New York, London. 
Berlin I know that I couldn't live there. I love the town desperately but even after many attempts I still don't understand much german. Everytime I go there I am like "lost in translation" which is fantastic for holidays to have peace at mind but I could not live there... And the cold winter doesn't help. (K, you understand right ?)
Paris is the first option and a serious one.

Do you speak any other languages (besides French and English) ?
I used to be pretty good in spanish. I still understand it very well but it's harder to speak. My spanish teacher in high school is a good friend of my mum, when I see him, he shouts after me because I decided to study english at college... He shouts at me in spanish and I understand clearly everything. And then I laugh. 
But with some mejillones en escabeche and rojo tinto, things come back rapidly ! A mi me gusta mucho el chocolate ! Impressive, right ? ; ) 

What's your favourite film ?
Aesthetically speaking it's In the mood for love. Love the music, the atmosphere, the way it was shot... But I also adore Breakfast at Tiffany's. Fred Darling and Holly Golightly, New York in the 60's, the little black dress, all that. But also, huge fan of the life aquatic & little miss sunshine.  Couldn't choose one... 

Peux-tu vivre un "moment un peu spécial" (quel qu'il soit) et en même temps le photographier ?
Can you leave a "special moment" and take pictures in the same time ?
I think yes. With Georges I am working with my instinct. I like something that I see, I shoot it. I stopped thinking about photography with Georges, I just try to do it. For my best friend wedding I just did what I felt and the result was pretty good. After it depends of the special moment you're talking about. Sometimes I can't but for some private events & reasons. And because some things don't need to be fixed on film, it's already fixed in your head !

What is your favourite tree ?
The fig tree. For obvious reasons, I love figs. & because my great great uncle died below the big one that was in my grandparent's garden in Aix because he had too much figs. Sad story but everytime I see one I think about that story...

Which country would you like to visit which you've never been to ?
I must admit Japan. Especially when you see this

Which black and white film did you use to shoot ?
I always shoot the black & white with the Ilford HP 5. Georges likes it. Me too. 

Tell us about your childhood………….
Hum, something sweet, in the countryside, in a loving family. I was fighting with my brother all the time. We still do... When I was little I was scared of Santa Claus and clowns. My dad was a lot away for work, so I used to spend my week ends stucked to him, which was really funny for everybody. We used to spend a lot of time in Corsica for the summer. And I have sweet memories in Paris when I was very young with my dad and the Champs Elysees with lights for Christmas. Definitely sweet. 

I would love to hear more about the special places in your childhood.
The little village of my grandma. I have very few memories there but important ones. My parent's house where I grew up. A house made for summer, with a big garden and a great view. Corsica. I know some secret paradise places, if you plan to go, email me, I have royal tips ! Norwich, England. My brother went there for his studies, I went a lot to see him. He was away but we were very close at the time. Such a paradox.

Where is the banner picture from ?
I found that picture years ago. I don't really remember well where. But I love it. And just a precision, these are not my feet ! ;-)

* Marcel for Marcel Proust obviously !

So, voilà, I tried to do my best to answer all your questions. Hope this post wasn't too boring or long. It was fun to do it and to see your questions. More soon !