Chez Marie Rose

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

These pictures I did with Georges are something which is very intimate, a secret place where treasures are hidden, where my childhood memories are everywhere.
The small village of my grandma in the French Alps. 
A place where your cell phone won't work, where they don't have an internet access and where they don't even know what a blog is... A place where time has stopped and everything is the same everytime I go. A place where you enjoy the everyday life sous le pommier, where you eat des framboises all day. It was hard to go but I wanted to remember the details I love. 
Marie Rose is the sister in law of my grandma. We had lunch at her place and she took the raspberries off the freezer just for me. 
That's my madeleine de Proust. I ate the entire plate !

PS : I thought about doing a "ask me anything" post. Like Famapa and Elisabelle did. Might be interesting...?
I'll do my best to answer correctly everything next week ! Don't be shy, ask !