A l'allemande

Monday, October 4, 2010

One of my favourite blogs or website these days is Freude von Freuden.  
Based in Berlin, showing the interiors of those who are making Berlin today. Hipsters, artists or others, living in Prenzlauerberg or not. What strucks you when you go to Berlin is the idea of space. In the streets, in the appartments. I just picked some of the pictures I love but it was so hard to choose. They uploaded a great interview of Sarah Illenberger, but beware it is in German !

The vinyl picture is here, because of Hildegard Knef. She was one of the very few german chanson-singers. Very Berlin in fact. My favourite song of her is here. You should listen to it straight forward, but be careful, you can fall in love with it instantly... & thank God, you are not able to hear me sing on that one... 

This is a Berliner post because today it is the birthday of my favourite Berliner girl ! Alles gute zum geburtstag Kristina !!!!