A la parisienne

Monday, October 18, 2010

In a few hours I will jump on a train to go to Paris. My train is cancelled so please, cross your fingers...
I've been working quite much these last weeks on a good project with good people.
I used to work in Contemporary Art a few years ago. I miss it pretty much right now. So, when you are offered a great opportunity to make a come back, it's better not to hesitate after all...
I'll be at SHOW OFF ( edgy & young art fair très parisienne ) working with Matthew Atkinson ( young and english artist working with Saatchi !!! ) and working with Numéro Six ( young & pointue art gallery aixoise ). 
I'm excited, scared, impatient. Everything at the same time. The best part of it ? Vernissage & little back dress. 
Wish me luck ?!

PS : This picture is from the flickr of Charlotte**. Her parisiennes pictures are my favourites set ever.
PS 2 : This blog is therefore on a parisien break. Sorry mes loulous but it will be too complicated to do everything at the same time.
PS 3 : Georges is coming with me !