The sunday (birthday) brunch

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last sunday you had rain, grey sky and cold ? Oh, you poor thing. 
Well, Not here ! Because of what ? Because of the sunday birthday brunch, pardi !

My dear best American friend Caroline dropped the idea of a birthday brunch. Because, in one of our blah blah sessions, with Pauline, other dear American friend who was celebrating her birthday last week (in a way Pauline, hein, t'es un poil américaine dans l'histoire m'en veut pas) bref, she told me about her summer escapade to Maine and the delicious lobsters she had. I hated her instantly, began to almost faint and Caroline said, "Wait ! we can throw a birthday brunch and have lobster !" 
So, of course it was really fantastique, in the little courtyard, the laughs, the good company and the goooood food. The menu included Pimm's Royal, des panisses, the american exotic little salad, THE lobster, bagels with salmon and my panna cotta magnifique (with the best chantilly ever). 

And you're lucky to see some pictures here. 
I think Georges is sick, either it is a problem of battery or Georges himself. He blurred the last roll I took and did catastrophes on many of the birthday pics, I am in total despair. I'll try to fix him as soon as I can. 

There is a little bit of chantilly in the fridge, want some ?