Le mariage de mon meilleur ami # 2

Monday, September 27, 2010

That's what le mariage de mon meilleur ami looked like. 
Something with le marié en t shirt (!), du champagne everywhere, le frère du marié assorti à la nappe vichy (mais tu comprends Marion, la chemise elle vient de Tokyo alors c'est pas pareil...), some lovely orange chairs and a maid of honour with a sparkling thing in her hair...
Plus, now you have met Georges ! Finally !

PS : Thank you so much for your sweet birthday wishes, I was overwhelmed by the comments, posts and mails (& presents in my real mail box) I got. My celebration was sweet, I have the best friends on earth... Pictures to come here if Georges did a good job. But, I am afraid to tell you that I need, hum ça c'est la vieillesse qui parle, time to recover !