Glück und Liebe

Monday, August 23, 2010

I was feeling tired, because of the craziness at my new work (let's be honest I hate my work), fed up with my life and messing up a lot of things...

And then, one morning, I had the most pleasant email.
And you know that it is going to brighten your day, your week, your summer.

Once in Berlin, after a long journey, you are welcomed by a big smile and a sweet hug. And a funny cat looking at you and saying "don't even dare to touch me!" You climb up the stairs, open the door and realize that ok, you have landed in something even better than paradise. And it is going to be really hard to leave this place. Of course, there is a lovely note waiting for you on the table in the living room saying ENJOY.

Then, in the city, you take some time for yourself. Have fresh blueberries for breakfast. Sit in cafés. Have a look at the people. Want to get lost but you begin to know well the city, so no "Lost in Berlin" anymore. Recognize a peculiar smell, or a peculiar taste. Meet your favourite singer in the tram and he smiles back at you.

Everytime I go to Berlin I realize that I am more and more in love with this city.
(Ok at -14° last winter my love was quite freezing...)
Because of its smell, of its joie de vivre, of its simplicity.
I've been told last week that "I love Berlin but that obviously Berlin loves me back".

Maybe because there, everything is about Glück und Liebe ?!

Kristina & Riga, Katja & Paul, Vielen Danke. Bis bald !
I was in heaven. Can't wait to come back. Or to see you here ?