Peace at mind

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Mary for real yesterday after a hectic day at work. Il fait trop chaud pour travailler, c'est pas possible...

She came in Marseille to see the Kusama installation, to have a walk in le panier for some typique lifestyle + ending of course with a glass of Tarriquet at la Caravelle. Je sais, ça vous fait rêver...
It was very fun and she is, of course, adorable and sweet as her pictures are and as I imagined.
So pleased to have spent some time with l'antipodeuse !

Her blog is one of my favourites and her recent pictures of her trip to Japan will literally ravish your eyes. So peaceful, so beautiful, so perfect. Isn't it ?
The first one is one of my favourites ever.

This is so about my obsession these last days.
Try to have a good night sleep. I am not even talking about beauty sleep.
Just sleep. Can't due to personal issues.

Any tips ?

Post update : Mary's side of the day here