Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Young australian girls know how to make you dream about summer...
Or boys can show you their vision of summer !

I wish I could be in a swimming pool right now... or sat on a roof with the sun.

Instead of this great wonderful & dreamy idea, while you'll be reading these words at work or at home, a mug of coffee/tea in your hand, I'll be stuck in front of a complicated subject for hours (8 to be precise !!!! paye ton apoplexie à la sortie), my pen in my hand, trying not to mess up everything & write down things pretty intelligent, clear & effective... le pire, c'est que ça recommence jeudi.
Je sais coach, je suis tes précieux précieux conseils : intro, contextualisation, problématique, plan et conclusion que t'écris à l'avance au propre. Je donne tout, je lâche rien. Euh, tu veux pas y aller à ma place ?

Send me your good vibes, I'll be needing them !