Heidi dans la montagne...

Monday, April 26, 2010

This blogsposphère is full of little "merveilles".
What ? You don't know where these gorgeous shots are from ? No, you're kidding ? Sans dec' ? Pas possible ?
It is from my friend Heidi et son gloubibloga*, one of the funkiest blogs I read daily... She is in some physical pain these days (peuchère), so in order to get her "get well soon" effective, I talk a little bit about her here. I should have done it sooner...
T'es contente poulette ?

The second shot was taken just around my corner here, dreamy thing right ? ça vous fait rêver eihn ? Yeah, I know, life is harsh sometimes !
Enjoy your monday at work ! Ah Ah ! (I'm laughing, I'm not working today !)