Youngna in Berlin

Monday, March 1, 2010

Youngna Park lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She bakes a lot of dessers, knits a scarf a year, always eats breakfast, uses superlatives within reason ans she is so talented with a camera in her hands.

I've been through her portofolio recently and I liked so much what I saw. These above are the pictures she did in Berlin. She is so good at depicting and catching the atmosphere of the city she is in.
Love her NYC shots. LOVE her Berlin shots.
She does have a great blog, a great tumblr (one of my favourites) and a flickr.

She is one of the rare photographer I admire from whom I am lucky enough to own a picture that is hanging on my wall. A shot that I got thanks to the fantastic 20x200 project by Jen Bekman.
And you know what, last week I bought a second one.
This is so going to become My favourite dyptique !!