Try it till you make it*

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur was born in 1976 & he lives in Paris.
He studied art history & architecture. Yes, a sharp trained eye.

Ohlalala, c'était si difficile de choisir cinq clichés tellement elles sont toutes mystérieuses & magiques ses photos !!!
If you like what you see above, please, please, please rush now to his website and flickr.
You will find some beauty, mystery, foggy, classy and intemporelles pictures...

Have a wonderful week end everyone.

I am on a day off. Definitely so exhausted by that (again) crazy week. A 3 days weekend won't be enough (les vacances, le rêve) but I needed to take some time for me. Time is such a luxury these days... And it's always better to walk around under the sun than to be stucked in an office... non ?

PS : He was very very good yesterday... Amazingly good.On est réconciliés, cool.