Things behind the sun

Friday, March 12, 2010

I took this picture with Diana Mini some time ago now. This is L' ile du Maïre... Sounds exotic already, right ?
I took it on a bright sunny sunday when I was just back from Berlin. This promenade was such a contradiction with my cold & snow Berlin experience.
The sun and the seaside. So cool.
I am so impatient with the spring to come. More than ever.
I love to wrap myself up in a scarf, put on my glittery hat. But now it is just no more fun. Oh sunny days were have you gone ?

Have a lovely weekend people.

Mine is getting started tonight with Brad Mehldau Solo Piano show. After many rebondissements and some "oh, no tickets available, I'm so sad" and some "Hey, we changed location, now it's not sold out anymore"...
It was so hard to get tickets... I'm just sooooo happyyyyyyy.
Last time I saw him it was at the Carnegie Hall in NYC. I cried in the end, it was so beautiful.
Oh, I may precise. Brad Mehldau the jazz pianist. The tatooed guy who play a Beatles cover in a plaid shirt...!
My hero !
Il est plein de paradoxes... et ça j'adore ! Il me rappelle quelqu'un !