Bon appétit !

Monday, March 8, 2010

Xavier Encinas is a french talented photographer. I do love the atmosphere in these, full of fresh air, peace and simplicity.
With a great website dedicated to his pictures here, a nice flickr and A FOOD BLOG I am crazy about.
A beautiful blog about food with of course, fantastic pictures ! Allier l'agréable au bon goût... dans le sens littéral du terme...

"I have a very strong memory of the time spent with my mother in the kitchen. It was kind of a ritual for me, very special moments. I remember coming back home every saturday morning, from school, pushing the door of my building and already smelling the scents of the Boeuf Bourguignon, the Lapin chasseur, the Pot-au-feu…"

I do understand so well what he says, I guess we all have a food related memory. The poulet-frites of my dad on saturdays and the lasagnes of my mum... And the gâteau aux pommes of my grandma...(which is my madeleine de Proust)
I guess, we french people, are food obessionals...

You can try Xavier's Old-fashioned french madeleines, I did those yesterday ,une tuerie !!!
Two great food related blogs with the best pictures also, Brian Ferry & his blue hour and Tim.
Oh, boys !