Beware of the polar bear

Friday, February 5, 2010

Alright, here they are !
Instead of showing one picture and another, I played a little bit yesterday while I was on a break at work.

So, I've been pretty impressed by the quality of the shots.
The beginning of the roll got a small problem (of course, sinon c'est pas drôle), so the Paris part is messed up but Berlin + the pictures I took when I came back are great.
If you're familiar with the town you'll recognize easily Kastanienallee, Mitte & Prenzlauer Berg. & the cold !

I'm going to abandon Holga & colorsplash for some time.
I decided that 2010 will be analogic & squared with the help of D. Mini !

Next time I'll show you la mer... les poissons... tout ça...