Un an et toutes ses dents...

Friday, January 29, 2010

I created this blog (already) a year ago. I cannot believe it's been a year now.

I had the name of it in a corner of my head for some time.
Knew what I wanted to do pretty easily.
The basic idea : to share what was interesting in a place to call mine.
It evoluated of course. Into something I'm pretty happy with today.
But I did it for fun. Just for fun.

I never thought I would have readers from all other the world (Australia, Japan, seriously ?), that I would have people commenting on posts, that I would be talked about on blogs that I read daily, that I would receive lovely e-mails...
That I would receive e-mails from people presenting me their work !
That I would meet fantastic people in the real life...

I never thought that would happen. Never expected these great things.

Life can be full of beautiful surprises.
I am really enjoying every moment with this blog. Even if I am not responding to every comment, I do read all of them...
Thank you for your attention, your opinion, your consideration. I have been, and continue to be, amazed and touched by the interest and the support everyone has shown on this blog. It means a lot.

If you are wondering, yes, I am the girl on the picture... Taken by the already almighty Pierre Prospero... We had so much fun doing this ! He's available for weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and so on... ! C'est un magicien, il fera des merveilles...

Mille Mercis !