L'heure bleue

Friday, January 8, 2010

In 2009, Brian Ferry was shooting all around New York and showing his vintage old school amazing photographs on his great blog The Blue Hour. In the course of 2009, he moved to London, with still a great eye and tons of films. He still amaze me on his blog and also on a new site.

I rarely speak about the blogs I read daily but Brian is one of the rare exceptions like Christine & Mary.

These pictures, to me, are like an exquisite vision of life, very sweet and full of delicacy. Transforming reality yes, but into something warm & cozy. And not everybody can do that...
They are always a wonderful surprise, like when you open an old box and find lovely treasures in it.
The treasures have crossed the ocean and London never seemed so fantastic !
I'm thinking about crossing the Channel again !