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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Times Square & Holga

Metro & Holga

Times Square & Holga

Central Park & my old digital

The corner of Central Park & my old digital

Brooklyn Bridge & action sampler

Ok, right.
Following the enthusiasm you showed over the previous post (I'm so happy !!), here are my New York pictures.
Bande de curieux et curieuses !

I took a lot of pictures in 2007. I just show you my favourites, many are messed up and definitely not interesting...
I am definitely a good client of Lomography, did I told you the Berlin shop was fantastic ? Anyway.

So Holga blurred the first picture a lot... Or maybe myself... I have to admit that I don't remember taking this shot... My favourite ever. The plan in 2010 is to have it developped in a big size and hang it above my fireplace. What do you think ?? Tell me !

PS : Heidi : Le scotch noir je le mettais au début mais j'ai vite arrêté... c'est pas plus mal je trouve...