Bonjour à votre émotion

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ADAGP Nicolas de Staël le combat avec l'ange, Guy Dumur, Editions Parenthèses, Marseille, 2009.

Nicolas de Staël, le combat avec l'ange, Parenthèses, Marseille, 2009

Marseille sous la neige (Marseilles under the snow) - 1954

La Seine à Paris - The Seine River in Paris - 1954

Le Concert - The Concert - 1955 (His last painting)

crédits photos :collection particulière cliché J. Hyde, ADAGP

Nicolas de Staël (Николай Владимирович Шталь фон Гольштейн) has always been my favourite painter. De Staël 's work was quickly recognised within the post-war art world, and he became one of the most influential artists of the 1950s. However, he moved away from abstraction in his later paintings, seeking a more "French" lyrical style, returning to representation (seascapes, footballers, jazz musicians, seagulls) at the end of his life. His painting style is characterized by a thick impasto showing traces of the brush and the palette knife, and by a division of the canvas into numerous zones of color (especially blues, reds and whites). His most well-known late paintings of beaches and landscapes are dominated by the sky and effects of light.

I just finished the fantastic book "Nicolas de Staël, le combat avec l'ange" published by Les Editions Parenthèses. A fantastic collection of correspondance and a beautiful narrative in which you learn a lot about the man behind the painter. You understand the peculiarity, the romanticism of his character and his destiny.

Si vous aimez de Staël et les âmes slaves, lisez-le, vous apprendrez beaucoup... sur la vie, sur l'art, sur le positionnement de l'homme dans son oeuvre... Une rare beauté qui dit "bonjour à votre émotion."

Merci ma presque homonyme !