Bonjour Tristesse

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jenifer Altman is a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and adoptive mother.
She is a photographer, writer and editor and she loves italy, chocolate gelato,
the south, pretty much anything that has been deep fried, french pop, old school
heavy metal and thinks science is almost as fascinating as art.
She does fantastic portraits & does have a beautiful blog too.

I felt in love with these photographs the moment I saw them.
Italy, old shades, the water & the sea = wow.

I wanted to finish the year with something intemporel, very classy and peaceful.

This post is the last one of the year (except la tradition dominicale de dimanche).
I am going to spend some time off this blog. I'll be back next year.
See you on sunday for a lovely tune.

Kiss the people who are in your heart, spend some good time with them & be careful with chocolate...