Here is always somewhere else

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dutch/Californian artist Bas Jan Ader was last seen in 1975 when he took off in what would have been the smallest sailboat ever to cross the Atlantic. He left behind a small oeuvre, often using gravity as a medium, which more than 30 years after his disappearance at sea is more influential than ever before.

Broken Fall (Organic) from dagmarrr on Vimeo.

These videos are based on the idea of the fall. The lost of balance. From the feeling to the act. They are playing with the idea of burlesque, they can be seen as almost funny. But, based on a tragic idea. That's the whole thing that is interesting. How to transform a reality into another one? I found the entire story about Bas Jan Ader very touching. And yes, if you're wondering, he is the guy on the videos...

The videos of Bas Jan Ader are shown at the very great FRAC, within the "Voyage Sentimental" exhibition.