Stephan Heyne

Monday, October 19, 2009

Garderobe, 70x105cm, 2005

Lager, 130x120cm, 2006

Rummel 1, 126x190cm, 2005

Zimmer 911, 125x188cm, 2007

Stefan Heyne was born in 1965 in Brandenburg. His primary profession as a stage set designer has accustomed him to dealing with scenic fade-outs. His theater and opera sets for directors like Konstanze Lauterbauch, Karoline Gruber, and Andreas Kriegenburg provide their respective stagings with speaking frameworks that remain open for all approaches to directing. Heyne’s photographs also leave the center free in the narrative interpretive context.

The starting point for his pictures is thus a situation like what one experiences when waking up in the morning, when reality has not yet completely materialized before one’s sleepy eyes because remnants of dreams still veil one’s gaze. This masterfully fixated mixture of astonishment and knowledge, of vision and information, gives Heyne’s photos their penetrating deep semantic structure. Lucidly coarse-grained, the photographs are characterized by an extreme blurriness that lends the colors a lyrical flair and at the same time underscores the diligently everyday quality of the motifs. Text by Irene Bazinger.

To me, this is really German. LIke in music, a minimalism that leads to beauty without too many blabla around it. I love that !

Stephan Heyne is also the author of a fantastic book "The Noise" that you can find here
Exhibtions are coming, I'll give you the dates when I'll have them.