Willy R.

Monday, September 14, 2009

" Je n'ai jamais poursuivi l'insolite, le jamais vu, l'extraordinaire mais bien ce qu'il y a de plus typique dans notre existence quotidienne. "

A few years ago I had the ultimate luck to meet Willy Ronis through a common friend.
He was in town for a showing of his work. Photographs about industry and men at work.
Beautiful. Full of strength. He was one of the lastest "photographes de l'instant" depicting life through his lens.
He's been very gentle. He kept saying that he was lucky to have been able to live his passion for all these years.
The restrospective of his work at les RIP d'Arles last month was beautiful, classy, full of elegance and showing life with so much simplicity. He was like that. 
And now, this week end, I realized that I've been absolutely lucky that day.