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Friday, September 4, 2009

La Caravelle

La Sainte Victoire

Le Tholonet

La Cité Radieuse ( L'unité d'habitation - La Maison du Fada )

Mary Gaudin is a New Zealand photographer currently living in Montpellier.
On her beautiful blog, she posts pictures of the places she travelling to, that could be New Zealand of course, England, France (surtout le Sud) and so on...
I have been a fervent reader of l'antipodeuse . A more attentive one since since Mary has been posting splendid pictures of places dealing with my every day life, my youth, my surroundings and places that I love.
Her pictures of La Caravelle (my favourite café and terrace of Marseille) are so relevant of the peculiar atmosphere you can have there. La Sainte Victoire, despite being shot in the usual way people picture it, is wow wow wow. How can you have such a light ? Le Tholonet is where I did my first steps. Where we like to walk around on the first days of spring. Where I have so many memories as a young child.
And La Cité Radieuse. An out of time place, especially in this shot, non ?

Merci Mary !!!