C'est au numéro 636

Monday, September 21, 2009

I know that I already talked here about la Cité Radieuse on this blog, if you want to have a recap about what it is please click here.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go there again, but I visited one of the 337 great appartments that gives you a beautiful view on the coastline.
Inside, corridors run through the centre of the long axis of every third floor of the building, with each apartment lying on two levels, and stretching from one side of the building to the other, with a balcony. Unlike many of the inferior system-built blocks it inspired, which lack the original's generous proportions, communal facilities and parkland setting, the Unité is popular with its residents and is now mainly occupied by middle-class professionals.

I just wanted to show you some little details that are saying a lot about how " La Maison du fada " was made.
The stairs are a creation of Jean Prouvé.
The storages, the kitchen and the furniture have been made in collaboration with Charlotte Perriand.

Everything is convenient, made with care, taste and last for long.
I already loved that place but with what I saw yesterday I'm in trouble !