La photographie, c'est le regard. On l'a ou on ne l'a pas.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It was a hot and sunny day. Like we are used to see them here in the South. Crowded. Many boho-Parisians and tourists in the streets looking for the sun. We, under hats and with the help of fans, looking for some fresh air in the shadows of the antique bulidings of the city. I know Arles quite well but I never went to Les Rencontres. Maybe because it lasts almost three months... You think that you have time, you don't rush and then it ends. And you say, ok, next year.

I was happy to see the the hommage to Delpire. Touched to see the hommage to Willy Ronis. ( He is the author of the tile of this post which means in english : Photography is a way of looking. You've either got it or you haven't ). Pretty amazed by the work of Naoya Hatakeyama. Brian Griffin and The Water People was powerful and delicate. I was completely crazy about Veronique Ellena. I knew it would be good but that good, no. We were so amazed. And to finish with Elger Esser. Less is more. This is so true... 6 photographs. Quality is way better than quantity.

I'm not saying that I was disappointed by Les Rencontres. But it was too much. 66 exhibitions.
You better know what you want to see... Nan Goldin and guests was not that good, it ages badly. Martin Parr was definitely good, it was the Luxury series, but it was a projected exhibition. So it was frustrating. A classic showing would have been better.

I'll be back next year. I guess it'll become a usual rendez-vous of the summer.
And many merciii to Bertrand Le Bars. He was so right. And so gentle.