' dress up '

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have always been attracted by what is easy, sharp and goes to the essential.
Seydou Keïta's work has always did the trick with me. 

These pictures are from work he did in his studio in BamakoMali between 1943-1963. 
According to the Tate Modern, “Clients wanted to ‘dress up’ for their portraits and often brought precious objects or favourite items of clothing with them.” 
Though pictures are taken in a studio, they are dynamic and retain a street chic feel. 

I've been lucky to see his work when it was presented at The Tate Modern in 2008. 
I was there for the exquisite Rothko exhibition. And I had the delightful surprise to see some pieces of Keïta. 
It was so beautiful. Very quiet and peaceful. Simply beautiful.