Tokyo mon amour

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sato Shintaro has photographed cityscape of Tokyo. It is said Tokyo is attractive and vibrant metropolis. Although its area is narrow, there are houses and apartments stand side by side continuously, also there are lots of shops and office buildings, etc. At the streets of office buildings, there appear old buildings as well as newly built high-rises. The townscape is of varying something old and new, and shows thousands of different kinds of scenes of the metropolis Tokyo.

There is a transitional time when dusk fades into night, when manmade and natural light intermingle each other. View from a certain height, not low but not high, reveals commercial areas intermingled with residential areas where people go about their daily business. This midway time and space Sato calls the "twilight zone" spreads out quietly before him with incredible depth beyond the naked eyes. "The time when the new creeps in and the old fades away in a simultaneous slow dance is when the ever-ambiguous city is at its most," says Sato. The metropolis Tokyo has an abundance of energy, and its cityscape captured by Sato shows maintained exquisite balance intermingled with existence of people in the city.

I'm crazy of the first picture. The colours. The structure of it... Pfiouuuuuuuu. Incredible !